Saturday, November 21, 2009

Viper ,The Pied Piper

A revolution of rats
Ordained to hole the hats
Under the shield of the night and the lamps of ardor
“Let’s take an oath to dictate all human’s larder”.

Inside the womb of darkness
Presided a giant, sly snake
“Great hogwash at parliamentary sessions
Can only be a part of rat’s obsessions.”

But all politics is not a game.
Be a dictator or some fame.
The power of individual will
Was for eternity an unsettled bill.

On the 'D day',
when rat-men with their swords
Blew the war trumpet
To conquer the indolent lords

The nature of calamity barked
And thus the calender was marked

At finale when humans were tired
Ingress of savior 'the viper' was hired

With each slithery change, he calmed the hyper
That’s how he became the legendary Pied Piper.

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