Friday, July 30, 2010


The way I riddle
The way you solve
The way I fiddle
The way you resolve

The way I gorge
The way you select
The way I tremble
The way you collect

The way I blather
The way you orate
The way I stammer
The way you narrate

The way I disagree
The way you debate
The way I howl
The way you liberate

The way I punch
The way you go
The way I smile
The way you blow

The way I fall
The way you hold
The way I lament
The way you scold

The way I love
The way you mock
The way I propose
The way you shock

The way I lost
The way you find
The way I break
The way you bind

The way I think
The way you act
The way I perform
The way you react

The way I protest
The way you defend
The way I allow
The way you offend

The way I learn
The way you teach
The way I hide
The way you reach

The way I am you
The way you are me
The way we are together
As love should be.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

elusive poet

Life is a strange stage

Where I strum string less guitar

The world is my symphony

Where folly claims to be the star

Sunday, July 4, 2010


A star from heaven settles on earth

And a soul from earth is released

Morning unveils this journey

Of dreamers and distant lovers

To keep one more day alive.

A driver appreciates the canvas of sky,

A thinker renders nature poetically

Wheels of odyssey marches towards destiny

Who accepts serendipity?

To keep one more day alive.

From the glass towers to the tangled flyovers

From the blazing sun to the heat of bulldozers

From work in progress to progress in demolition

Welcome to NEW DELHI

To keep one more day alive.

’10 summer’s capitalises the best of angers

The planned plan fails the actual planning

Some nights approach the Star Plus

Some evening scored the FIFA’s Jabulani

To keep one more day alive.

Deep fry the parantha and enjoy the old city

Push and pull the room of ten to adjust fifty

“In my arms I will carry you safe and economically”

The Metro shrinks and shrills in the heart of Delhi

To keep one more day alive.

The definition of modernism

Becomes the couture of feminism

In the name of honour they kill

In the name of news they fill

To keep one more day alive

Night consoles strugglers and cell phones

‘A new message’ calms the lover on terrace

Love is a commodity dear consumer

50% off, grab it now, don’t miss it

To keep one more day alive.

The autowala reminiscences his youth

The dilliwala launches his website

Monsoon skips Kashmiri Gate

Silence mocks at my grave and I wait

To keep one more day alive

Twilight and lullaby carts infancy

Inside the vulnerable wombs

Ghalib moans and chants over their tomb

And soul of violent river fuses in my corpse

To keep one more day alive.

The voyage of the poetry ends

And so did quest of June

The rain touches the earth and

The nomad dances with her madness

To keep one more day alive.


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