Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Helvetica! This is for you.

When you are planning to visit a place for the first time, try to go alone. This does encompass going for shopping both window (shopping) and payment counters, a remote forest or an island, in front of the mirror and even light years away to a well settled planet called Mars. Well, going alone makes us more open, especially if you are a woman – I wish world was a little safer and since it is not one is advised to be vigilant but not a sentinel.

Going out alone to a place unfamiliar keeps the mind more sensitive and hence it might be a better exploration. Our observation would be original, our questions would be reasonable and we would enjoy/dislike the place with our own perspective. Who borrows sense or a map for an outing with self!
Thanks to the technology of modern man, you will always be accompanied with a cellphone or a source of indulgence but that would dilute the whole purpose of such a wandering. Also, never have a well prepared purpose if you are taking a break for that will cease the possibility of challenges, surprises and a mindful conversation with the self. Talk to yourself (words or silence, completely one’s own choice of communication) and breathe a lot during this trail even if you enter a parking lot.

Don’t be lost in the self; it is a trip to find something or nothing. Again, sometimes, we should not be confined in the boundaries of purpose, objectives or definitions. This is my visit to the self after a very long time and these words are mere reflections of the route.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

No sense

when the eyes 
of mind and heart
gamble with visions
read Carl Sagan
and mute all missions
not every beloved 
conceives for poetic season
all human emotions 
need no rhythm or reason
but grammar 
a pragmatic narcissist
is the new host 
of decaying self
still oppressed by desires
of unrequited affairs
time will abandon all
a promise that will never break
all purpose will crumble
and you meanings will hug 
the meaningless

Saturday, December 19, 2015

how wordless have you been?
is time a bad company of self?
the old box of treasure
and inside it
the locked case of memory
his love, your tears
were they too familiar
you listen too much Sinatra
and quote Lennon in between
break odd myths of madness
and spoil your protagonist
then radio would shuttle you
into that dark room
in front of the moon
where she glows 
for reunion was just an excuse. 
Grey - sings here
light - defuses the sight
slow yet steady he rises
feet by feet
crowd emerges
From coffee house to
the dust chamber
juxtaposed words
condenses the smog
Enjoy the slumber
for an old friend “dilli”
the December of nocturnal.


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