Monday, July 20, 2009

solitude truth of thinking heart

Did I smile in the most natural way?
What a Sin! I shouldn't have done that.
Did I cry with true drops in my eyes?
Damn! I should have used glycerin for that.
Did I open my heart out in public?
Shit! they might see my origin.
Did I share my thoughts and ideas?
Alas! they might steal it or scratch them.
I stand naked with nothing of my own.
Its all yours:
O great world, your great people.

I owned nothing.
I own nothing.
I will own nothing.
My sin is of a man,
Who has seen ,faced ,slaved by ruins of life.
No one to save;Everyone to blame.
Leave me all alone!
Forgive for being human.
A human with a heart to torture,
An a mind to kill.
Forgive for being human.
A human with a heart of morals,
And a mind of intellect.
Forgive for being human,
Of mediocrity.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Of the face

The mirror remarked reflection of a cynical in race.

But surely a display-able case.

Of the brain

Filled with moments of smile and pain.

Notion of design, drops of tear and song of rain.

Of the heart

Which remain available to all but states to be single.

Dance pleasurably on a retiring jingle.


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