Monday, July 20, 2009

solitude truth of thinking heart

Did I smile in the most natural way?
What a Sin! I shouldn't have done that.
Did I cry with true drops in my eyes?
Damn! I should have used glycerin for that.
Did I open my heart out in public?
Shit! they might see my origin.
Did I share my thoughts and ideas?
Alas! they might steal it or scratch them.
I stand naked with nothing of my own.
Its all yours:
O great world, your great people.

I owned nothing.
I own nothing.
I will own nothing.
My sin is of a man,
Who has seen ,faced ,slaved by ruins of life.
No one to save;Everyone to blame.
Leave me all alone!
Forgive for being human.
A human with a heart to torture,
An a mind to kill.
Forgive for being human.
A human with a heart of morals,
And a mind of intellect.
Forgive for being human,
Of mediocrity.


  1. raah main doa gum mile toh hum mar--jayege ...
    lekin mar ke bhi joa jii naa laga toh phir kahan jayege !!!

  2. Sincere! Something to be easily related with!



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