Friday, November 26, 2010


Chaand Ki Katori Hai
raat yeh chatori hai
saare taare ek taraf
zindagi batori batori hai

Life is like the moon's bowl
of this voracious night of thoughts.
Where all the stars shimmer on one side
And life collects itself in an isolated darkness.

The flimsy silk of our bonding
Will shiver, will shrink, will scatter in the coldness
Still she knits a sweater for the unknown beloved
For all the stars will shimmer on one side
And life collects itself for an ambiguous fantasy.

These very own dreams, the precious dreams
Dissolves every day in the rain of reality
And we the poorest of all sufferers
Mask the obvious under the screen of hands.

* An attempt as translation of the song.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


i repaint the image of colorless past
i repair the ruins of unkempt thoughts
i regrow the shadows of man's god
i recall the faintness of love and betrayal.
i reborn to enter and exit the stage "life"

i replay this game since eternity.


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