Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Helvetica! This is for you.

When you are planning to visit a place for the first time, try to go alone. This does encompass going for shopping both window (shopping) and payment counters, a remote forest or an island, in front of the mirror and even light years away to a well settled planet called Mars. Well, going alone makes us more open, especially if you are a woman – I wish world was a little safer and since it is not one is advised to be vigilant but not a sentinel.

Going out alone to a place unfamiliar keeps the mind more sensitive and hence it might be a better exploration. Our observation would be original, our questions would be reasonable and we would enjoy/dislike the place with our own perspective. Who borrows sense or a map for an outing with self!
Thanks to the technology of modern man, you will always be accompanied with a cellphone or a source of indulgence but that would dilute the whole purpose of such a wandering. Also, never have a well prepared purpose if you are taking a break for that will cease the possibility of challenges, surprises and a mindful conversation with the self. Talk to yourself (words or silence, completely one’s own choice of communication) and breathe a lot during this trail even if you enter a parking lot.

Don’t be lost in the self; it is a trip to find something or nothing. Again, sometimes, we should not be confined in the boundaries of purpose, objectives or definitions. This is my visit to the self after a very long time and these words are mere reflections of the route.

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