Sunday, November 1, 2009

matter of void

You can think and dream
But can you touch  thoughts?

You can possess a heart,
But can you touch love?

You can bleed and lament,
But can you touch pain?

You can dance and laugh,
But can you touch happiness?

You can destroy or die,
But can you touch death?

You can create man
But can you touch god?


  1. beautiful. love the way you play with the word 'touch'. It has a kind of onomatopoeic effect..
    The article seems redundant in this line "But can you touch the thoughts?"...think it sounds better "But can you touch thoughts".
    keep writing. love reading your poems. take care.

  2. i just luv dis un.....
    gr8 work....:)

  3. @ TINA maam i have made the correct!!keep guiding me...though online!!

    @thanks ROGER n TINKER BELLE



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