Tuesday, January 27, 2015


When I started blogging, I would spend a lot of time in finding the apt name for that blog. Eventually for the love of peculiar-name-finding I ended up making a lot of blogs - blank and unmanageable. Then I deleted them. 
Such were the stupid and funny pleasures of my childhood. These must not be judged as nerdy habits but I found a corner to pretentiously portray that I can write and things around the world are affecting me. Like a sign - that I exist and if you find me here, the impression would be stronger. 
Coming back to my craze about making a new blog instead of an effort to write a new post.....After finding the name which sounded intellectually bright and poetically confirming - I would quickly register and start with a nasty, grammatically poor, nostalgic post about something of and around emotions. Why emotions because this is what I value the most and this is one thing I failed to change till date.These tiny little sensations always find a way to capture and sabotage the practical side of mine. Practical side! To take part in the making of this world and to survive, I need to be practical and less sentimentalist. I juggle so often between these requests that I am mostly nowhere. 
Finally, the whole purpose of this post is about the name of this blog (Poet of Minutes) which I am changing. I am changing it to                   . Change has never been a constant friend of humanity. (only if you could see me mock at myself)

“We are two abysses - a well staring at the sky.”
 ― Fernando Pessoa

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  1. Beautifully expressed. Sounds like mind-readig, I can relate to much of it. Specially the conflict of practicality. And yes, managing blogs is easier than writing... May be I can be a better manager!



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