Sunday, September 23, 2012

come and travel with me

come and travel with me
while i propose the words to fly
over their back, we reach to the sky
a bit of sky in Kasheer,
a bit of river from my hamlet
composing a silent symphony.
when nights will keep the sun out
the warmth of my syllables will
play with your ink blue fingers.
often you will fall on my head
like the snow, soundless and pregnant
or like the perfect metaphor
of this age of growing
to that age of your memory
and my graying.
no, this is no dream or wish
this is a modest game between two hearts
of things more simplified and rare.
an art of invisible dancing
which always move forward
i will continue this jaunt of fantasy
between the smiles less shown
and stars we often talked about
now come and travel with me….

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