Thursday, July 12, 2012

I hate the fact that religion, caste and other such systems still hold the strength to divide us. I wish I was born in ignorance to such realities but these practices are the ugly side of a beautiful damsel called - SOCIETY. This cursed damsel attracts a lot of attention of the mass.

Mother, tell me something –
a painful truth about death,
In your sleep, will you hear my death's lullaby?
for if I had asked you this question in day light
I would absolutely get a slap tight.
But what if I die today,
will death question me about the God
I followed or misled?
and what if I have nothing to reply
no religion to swallow, no guiding light
and prudently, If I confess -
my mother is my religion (hahaha)
and she taught me right. (hehehe)
Will that settle my score in heaven?
Or should I wake you up, tonight?
because this word confuses me - Religion
because this world confuses me - Blindness
And I have a fear, dictionary says it’s nightmare
- the crying of god in burning temples
and in dilapidated halls of prayers
and in bombed churches of a bleeding cross
and chiefly in heart of mankind.
I think I now know what I have to say
- Death is my god, he is a cursed religion.
alike one mirror reflects another
Death would reflect death.
And this would be the end of the end
The greed would be over, the crime would be over
The injustice , the torments would be over
the scale between two men or lovers
or regions would be over.
This might end up in homicide.
A pleasant , devilish homicide in poetry.
Man, innocence, good things etc and etc
But this will kill everything
Devil, guilt, bad things etc and etc
Thought etc would die four times
But this would be enough, enough to stop
Since god knew of no happy ending
he invented it for innocent-little-naive child
And the old devil will raise a toast from hell
for his desirous beloved DEATH to reconcile.

©  Nidhi Sharma

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