Monday, February 27, 2012

Inside a little girl’s heart
Were bigger beasts of Lethe 1
and unreached.

For each composed – ‘born as an angel’
Resonated as ‘the devil in disguise
To his silences,
to her whispers.

Time took her lessons
As age gifted her the presents
Word, reword, 
lost words.

As a maiden mother of Life
this Irony wore the best of cloak
From Nietzsche, 
toward him.

Like walking with a void
With self, in loss,
to Kashmir 2
Are we strangers ‘Kashmir’?

A bond beyond speech and silence
Is that the scar of longing?
(…Ye Dagh-e-Arzu Hai?)3

To that single drop of faith
In all the extended tragedies
She commits a sin
now and then

A little less mind, 
a little more thinking
Incomplete yet abstract
We, the complete poetry.

1.Lethe in Greek mythology a river in Hades; the souls of the dead had to drink from it, which made them forget all they had done and suffered when they were alive.

2.Kashmir is the home of Agha Shahid Ali.

3.A line from Allama Iqbal's Chand.

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